Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Complete Access - Window Cleaning Birmingham

Complete Access have completed the window cleaning to a residential development in Birmingham.

We use three methods of window cleaning to this development......'reach and wash' .....rope access window cleaning and window cleaning using MEWP.

We use rope access window cleaning to the gable ends of the building due to the close proximity to the road, reach and wash window cleaning is used to the internal elevations of the building and we use  a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).....to clean behing the juliet balconies.

Our operatives are fully trained and certificated to IRATA standards level 1,2 &3 conforming to BS7985 and all operatives that use MEWP's carry and IPAF approved PAL license.
Complete Access are also full members of The Federation of Window Cleaners.

If your organisation requires rope access window cleaning, reach and wash window cleaning or powered access window cleaning in Birmingham or on a national basis then please dont hesitate to contact us - admin@complete-access.co.uk

Saturday, 28 May 2011

rope access confined space cleaning

Complete Access - Rope Access Specialists - confined space cleaning.

We were tasked to clean 150 metres of internal horizontal ducting and 30 metres of vertical ducting using rope access techniques.
We deployed a team of 5 specialist technicians to carry out the confined space cleaning over a 5 day period.

Our technicians were working in ducting that expelled different solvent based products, atmospheres, some of which were EX and methods of confined space entry were undertaken using full breathing apparatus and in normal atmospheric ducting P3 dust particle masks were used.

Our risk assessments and method statements include detailed rescue procedures enabling our technicians to enter the confined space areas to carry out the cleaning works safely.

We have carried out confined space cleaning, confined space inspections and re-coating for our client....who are a blue chip automotive company for the last 5 years.

If your organisation has a requirement for confined space cleaning, inspection, grit blasting and re-coating then please dont hesitate to contact us - admin@complete-access.co.uk

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Complete Access - Successfully complete SM&MS Contractor Plus audit for Lambert Smith Hampton

We have successfully completed another audit from SM&MS Contractor Plus for the third year running.

In an increasingly competitive workplace, contractors are now more than ever aware of the importance of compliance to corporate legislation in order to meet client demands.
ContractorPlus is a web enabled database that allows contractors to meet such demands and ensure total compliance to current health and safety legislation while gaining accreditation and more importantly new clients.
Completing our online questionnaire one of our qualified health and safety consultants will help your company gain accreditation and join our community of approved contractors.
The system is used nationwide by Lambert Smith Hampton to ensure that the contractors they use are of the highest calibre and hold the relevant documentation to ensure safe working procedures within their properties, thereby reducing liability and ensuring legislative compliance.

If your organisation requires any of our services, please dont hesitate to contact us - admin@complete-access.co.uk

Monday, 9 May 2011

Complete Access - Rope Access Specialists - Our Services

We have over twenty years experience in building cleaning, maintenance and inspection services and can guarantee that our rope access services are by far the most cost effective way to supply the following services:

rope access window cleaning.
rope access confined space entry, egress and rescue.
rope access structural steelwork cleaning, painting and inspection.

rope access painting / re-coating.
rope access silo cleaning, maintenance and inspection.
rope access building inspection and survey.
rope access mastic / mortar pointing.
rope access telecom cabling.
rope access pressure washing.
pigeon netting and pigeon spike installation.
atrium cleaning and maintenance.

rope access sign and banner de-commissioning.
rope access drainage works.

If your Organisation would like any information on the services we offer, please dont hesitate to contact us

Complete Access Confined Space Services

At Complete Access we have vast experience of working in confined spaces

and have performed confined space entry under the most hostile of environments.

When engaging our services our clients can be assured by our

robust Health and Safety policies, ensuring a comprehensive onsite visit.

At Complete Access we have a duty to comply with the Confined Space Regulations 1997.

In order to ensure the safety of persons under our control, we supply the following:

• Conduct and supply detailed risk assessments and method statements.

• Establish a Safe System of Work.

• Provide adequate training and ensure that technicians are competent to enter the specific type of confined space in which they are to work.

• Provide the correct type and quantity of PPE.

• Establish emergency procedures.

Our Services include:

Internal cleaning, de-contaminations and de-bridging, using rope access techniques to Silo's, Grain bins, Ducting and shafts.

If you require any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Sunday, 8 May 2011

rope access window cleaning using reach and wash

Complete Access were tasked to come up with a safe solution for cleaning the windows to a huge residential development in Cardiff, the windows on the development had not been cleaned properly due to the architectural design of the buildings.
We knew we were going to abseil the buildings using rope access techniques but due to the amount and size of overhangs (and without the possibility of installing re-belay eyebolts) we came up with a solution of using a portable reach and wash system.....ionics quattro system with lighweight carbon fibre extendable poles.
This system sits on the roof  and filters the water through four processes, producing pure water, this allowed our technicians to abseil the building cleaning every window, much to the residents satisfaction.
We believe that we are probably the first company in the UK to use this set up of both rope access and reach and wash window cleaning.
If your organisation requires work of this type, then please dont hesitate to contact us