Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rope Access Building Inspection by Complete Access

Rope Access Building Inspection

We have just completed a 2 week exercise to a large office block in Coventry.

Our brief was to take a number of Cover, Sample, Carb tests to various concrete locations around the building....

Using a Cover Meter to determine lowest depth of cover to re-bar .......concrete samples were taken at each location for Lab analysis and Carb Tests were taken measured to determine depth of carbonation.

The other part of Our brief was to carry out a  full safety defect survey    .....this included measurement and documenting of all existing defects including hollow points and removal of any loose substrate.

Our Specialist Building Inspection Team  completed this project on time and on budget.



Friday, 6 December 2013

Confined Space Culvert Inspection

Confined Space Culvert Inspection & Survey

Our Specialist Confined Space Team  have been working in a culvert on The River Tame.

Our Task was to carry out Concrete Inspection and Survey ....this consisted of taking Core Samples, Concrete Sampling, using Cover Meters, Carbonation Testing and using Ferro Scans.

The Confined Space itself held a lot of Risks

Risk of Flood
Presence of Methane from silt disruption.
Depletion of Oxygen from moss & algae growth.
Weils Disease.
Noise reverberation.

The culvert was also located adjacent to a Petrol Station where there was a potential risk of fuel spillage.

All of the above were covered in depth on our RAMS & SSOW



Monday, 2 December 2013

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham 

We have been really busy at Complete Access delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning to a number of contracts over the last weeks .......

The jobs weren't without their difficulties ......which we overcame.

One of the contracts was to Birmingham's newest Hotel .....from a Rope Access point of view ....there was a large overhang and recessed windows so our Ionics Quattro WFP System was used ....using this system is both quick and delivers smear free results.

Our second contract is a long standing job also in Bham City Centre .....when we were asked to take over this job over a year ago ... the glazing hadn't been cleaned properly for some time ...... corners had been cut!!!! ......we were also tasked to inspect and test the eyebolts on a 6 monthly basis ....some of which needed replacing.

At Complete Access our Health & Safety   is Paramount and Primary in all of our undertakings .....


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rope Access Building Defect Survey & Inspection by Complete Access

Rope Access Building Defect Survey & Inspection  by Complete Access

We have been carrying out a 3 week exercise to deliver Full Defect Surveys & Inspection to x3 High Rise Tower Blocks run by Dudley Metropolitan Council.

The Tower Blocks have had extensive previous repairs which needed to be inspected for integrity.

All previous repairs needed to be documented and hammer tested for soundness.

We also were asked to provide 8 cover, sample, carbonation tests to concrete columns and beams on each block, 8 samples of render were also taken for analysis in the Lab.

All works were undertaken by our Specialist Rope Access Building Investigation Team

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Confined Space Silo Cleaning

Confined Space Silo Cleaning

We have been tasked to clean a number of internal double skin silo containing polypropylene.

We were given the task by a Blue Chip Automotive Company that makes the cockpit for the new  BMW MINI which is due out soon,

After RAMS (Risk Assessment & Method Statement) and a SSOW (Safe System Of Work)agreed .....our Specialist Confined Space Entry Team set up the method of entry .....which consisted of  abseiling into the silos with a rescue system consisting a tripod and winch.

A rescue scenario was also performed ...... 1 minute from base to exit using the tripod/winch.

Recording Air Monitor readings on a 5 minute basis in accordance with our SSOW.




Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Building Inspection using Rope Access by Complete Access

Building Inspection using Rope Access

We have been tasked today to undertake a building survey      
to Kidderminster Hospital

the task involved numerous cover sample carb tests and then break outs to expose re-bar to determine exact condition and type of re-bar used


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rope Access Building Inspections Wolverhampton

Rope Access Building Inspections -Wolverhampton

We deployed our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Team to Wolverhampton this week .... we were tasked to carry out a full defect survey, 10 cover, sample and carb tests along with removal of any loose substrate.....

After the  Rope Access Building Survey  was completed ........Due to the close proximity to pedestrian thoroughfares ....we were tasked to attach safety debris netting to both front and rear elevations ...... our Specialist Rope Access Technicians are also installing this


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Rope Access Building Defect Surveys

Rope Access Building Defect Surveys

We have been delivering Rope Access Building Defect Surveys for a number of Local Council Authorities for the last four years under contract.

We are at the start of a contract to provide defect surveys to 55 Tower Blocks in the Birmingham conurbation....... all using our Specialist Rope Access Team ....each block usually takes 2-3 days

Defects are all referenced, recorded in writing and photographed.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Concrete Inspection using Rope Access Techniques

Building Inspections using Rope Access- Complete Access Industrial Services

We have been delivering building inspections to a number of installations throughout the West Midlands........

This consisted of :

full safety defect surveys - cover, sample, carb - hammer sound test, ferroscans, core samples, removal of loose substrate and break outs.

defect survey

safety defect survey with removal of loose substrate

cover meter survey to detect depth of re bar
drilling for carb testing
core sampling


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rope Access Confined Space Entry

Rope Access Confined Space Entry 

Rope Access Confined Space Entry  is THE safest and most economical means of entering a vertical confined space to carry out inspection, survey or cleaning !

We have carried out Confined Space Inspection & Cleaning to vertical structures for over 8 years.

We supply our clients with a detailed SSOW Safe System of Work including a Risk Assessment, Method Statement & Rescue Plan...... a LOTO Lock Out Tag Out is also part of the SSOW if required...... We can also provide a site specific PTW Permit to Work if one is not in place.

Our Specialist Entry Team are trained to IRATA Standards with 1000;s of rope access hours logged each and all have years of Confined Space Entry & Supervision Skills to offer our clients the right level of Professionalism,




Saturday, 27 July 2013

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

We deployed our Specialist Confined Space Team to carry out the annual clean to horizontal and vertical ductwork for a Blue Chip Automotive Company.

The task is to remove the build up of paint bi product from the extraction ductwork, one of the ducts we have to clean has a potentially volatile atmosphere. Whilst cleaning inside this duct, all equipment we use is ATEX rated and or intrinsically safe and anti static.

We supplied our client with a detailed SSOW Safe System of Work including a Risk Assessment, Method Statement & Rescue Plan...... a LOTO Lock Out Tag Out is also part of the SSOW.

All works on this site are overseen by x2
Confined Space Supervisors trained to City & Guilds Level 4 972

Our team will be on tis project for the next 7 days cleaning hundreds of metres of ducting.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access

We had an emergency call out from one of our long term customers ........

Our Client was replacing the cone on one of their silo .....the silo needed to be cleaned prior to the new cone being replaced ...... we received the call last Thursday..... Our Experienced Confined Space Technicians were deployed on Saturday to carry out the works.

Our Technicians .... through experience are now using the Petzl Stop descender and Camp Goblin back up device in all IP dust areas due to their non mechanical cam mechanisms.

We have a wealth of experience delivering Confined Space Services with all services overseen by a Supervisor trained to City & Guilds 972

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rope Access Building Inspection Birmingham

Rope Access Building Inspection Birmingham

We have been tasked to investigate water ingress to a number of floors in the  AXIS / ATKINS Building in B'ham City Centre.

The most cost effective way to ascertain where the ingress of water was coming from was from abseiling the building.

The defect survey revealed that mastic pointing around the window frames had failed and was missing in the majority.

We have on going works on the building

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rope Access Birmingham & West Midlands

Rope Access Birmingham and West Midlands

We are having a very busy week with teams operational on 3 different contracts.

we have completed the cleaning to 6 out of 8 Atrium elevations for The Custard Factory in Birmingham..... 2 elevations will be cleaned using Spider Access at a later date.

We have also been at Kidderminster Hospital delivering Building, Concrete Defect Survey.... in these pictures we are taking core samples

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

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