Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rope Access Building Inspection by Complete Access

Rope Access Building Inspection

We have just completed a 2 week exercise to a large office block in Coventry.

Our brief was to take a number of Cover, Sample, Carb tests to various concrete locations around the building....

Using a Cover Meter to determine lowest depth of cover to re-bar .......concrete samples were taken at each location for Lab analysis and Carb Tests were taken measured to determine depth of carbonation.

The other part of Our brief was to carry out a  full safety defect survey    .....this included measurement and documenting of all existing defects including hollow points and removal of any loose substrate.

Our Specialist Building Inspection Team  completed this project on time and on budget.



Friday, 6 December 2013

Confined Space Culvert Inspection

Confined Space Culvert Inspection & Survey

Our Specialist Confined Space Team  have been working in a culvert on The River Tame.

Our Task was to carry out Concrete Inspection and Survey ....this consisted of taking Core Samples, Concrete Sampling, using Cover Meters, Carbonation Testing and using Ferro Scans.

The Confined Space itself held a lot of Risks

Risk of Flood
Presence of Methane from silt disruption.
Depletion of Oxygen from moss & algae growth.
Weils Disease.
Noise reverberation.

The culvert was also located adjacent to a Petrol Station where there was a potential risk of fuel spillage.

All of the above were covered in depth on our RAMS & SSOW



Monday, 2 December 2013

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham 

We have been really busy at Complete Access delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning to a number of contracts over the last weeks .......

The jobs weren't without their difficulties ......which we overcame.

One of the contracts was to Birmingham's newest Hotel .....from a Rope Access point of view ....there was a large overhang and recessed windows so our Ionics Quattro WFP System was used ....using this system is both quick and delivers smear free results.

Our second contract is a long standing job also in Bham City Centre .....when we were asked to take over this job over a year ago ... the glazing hadn't been cleaned properly for some time ...... corners had been cut!!!! ......we were also tasked to inspect and test the eyebolts on a 6 monthly basis ....some of which needed replacing.

At Complete Access our Health & Safety   is Paramount and Primary in all of our undertakings .....


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