Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rope Access Building Inspections Birmingham

Building Inspection and Survey using Rope Access Methods

Our most recent project consisted of carrying out a full safety defect inspection to two large office blocks in Solihull.

The Building Managers had had reports of spalling concrete off the building.

Our Specialist Rope Access Team were tasked to carry out a full safety defect survey, logging and referencing any existing defects and new defects.

Any new defects were found by hammer testing the building surface for hollow points which could mean delamination of the substrate......this was then removed.

We had also been tasked to find out depth of cover to the re-bar using cover meters

After choosing the lowest point of cover, a sample was taken and a carbonation test carried out.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Rope Access Birmingham

Rope Access Birmingham

We have had a very busy week with a mixture of Confined Space Concrete Inspections and Rope Access water ingress survey and remedial works

We have been tasked to survey and take various samples in a culvert by the Environment Agency.

we have numerous high rise tower blocks to contain water ingress by means of inserting low modulus silicone to panel joints and window apertures

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

We have just completed another annual clean to a number of silo's for a National Bakery.

We have been cleaning the silo's for a number of years now, we put this down to our high level of Health & Safety  and experience of Working in Confined Spaces  All of our works are overseen by a Confined Space Supervisor certificated to City & Guilds Level 4

Our Specialist Rope Access Team entered the silo to carry out a thorough dust down and removal of excess flour prior to re supply of the new product.

One of the silo's that needed cleaning was already having some maintenance works carried out in the form of a new air filtration system, the existing filter system had been removed and the hole had not been covered up to prevent rain getting in. Rain had got into the silo and had contaminated the layer of flour left inside the silo, over time this created mildew and we were left with no option but to pressure wash the silo to de-contaminate it ready for product re-supply

as you can see in this picture - the mildew is being removed by pressure washing.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

We have had the window cleaning equipment out again over the last month.

At Complete Access we have been delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning for over 14 years on a National Basis.

Our recent tasks have all been in Central Birmingham.....a couple of new contracts and a few contracts that we have had on a long term basis.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning - We have just completed a 2 week shut down contract delivering Confined Space Cleaning & Painting

We have had this contract for over 8 years and we carry out these works for a Blue Chip Automotive Company.

Our Staff have years of experience in working in Confined Spaces every member is either certificated to Supervisor Level or Entrant Level 

All of our Confined Space Services conform to the 1997 standards

Working in Confined Spaces requires classroom training, experience and knowledge .....simply having a certificate without proven experience as some companies sell worthless ......working in confined spaces Can Kill


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rope Access Confined Space Silo Cleaning

Rope Access Confined Space Silo Cleaning

We have been tasked at short notice to carry out Confined Space Silo Cleaning 

for a long term client over this weekend .......Our Client is a Blue Chip Automotive Company.

We have ben delivering silo cleans for this Company for over 5 years .....a testament to our experience, safe working methods and training.

Many Companies gain training to work in Confined Spaces but without experience and correct supervision is worthless.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rope Access Silo Cleaning

Rope Access Silo Cleaning

We have been tasked to provide Our Specialist Confined Space Team   to access a number of silo's and storage hoppers .

We received a call on a Thursday evening to provide services over the next 2 days as the Company had been let down by their existing contractor ....... We covered the existing works we had planned for the Friday and our Specialist Rope Access Confined Space Team attended site over the 2 days.

We supplied Dynamic RAMS & a SSOW whilst on site due to the short notice .....
We had 2 City & Guilds Level 4 Supervisors & 2 Entrants on site


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rope Access Building Defect Inspections

Rope Access Building Inspection and Survey

We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive building inspection, survey and  reporting. Our Rope Access inspections have proven to be beneficial to the local authorities who regularly use our services, we offer a practical safe solution using rope access techniques, which could otherwise absorb a disproportionate amount of time and money compared to the installation of unsightly scaffold or the use of mobile elevated work platforms -MEWP’S.
Our Services include:
  • Defect investigation and reporting.
  • Carbonation testing and reporting.
  • Cover Meter testing.
  • Loose substrate removal.
  • Core sample removal for laboratory investigation.
  • Cladding inspection
  • Brick replacement
  • Leak detection

Our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Team have carried out well over 70 Inspections to High Rise Buildings in 2013 /14 ........ this is testament to our ability to carry out works to a high standard for the Local Authorities that engage our services.

We have also carried out Concrete Inspections in Confined Spaces .....We have the ability to cover the Manpower whilst working in Confined Spaces ......deploying fully qualified Entrants & Supervisors trained to City & Guilds Standards


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Rope Access Building Inspection

Rope Access Water Ingress Survey

We were tasked to carry out a full water ingress inspection to a high rise block.

The inspection consisted of removing course work to expose the cavity wall to inspect the cavity tray and wall ties......most of this was carried out 15 storeys up.

Window frames were also measured for consistency and inspected for missing gasket joints, remedial repairs were done where needed.

Our findings : Previous repairs to the coursework had not left weep holes exposed.....original coursework had porous mortar and rain water was ingressing via this route and had no exit.

all of which was carried out by our Rope Access Specialist Building Inspection Team   

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rope Access Leak Detection

Rope Access Leak Detection & Mastic Pointing

We have over 20 Flats that we need to Mastic Point due to Water Ingress

Most of which is mastic insertion to panel joints - We used Dow Corning C60 Low Modulus Silicone which is formulated for use to exterior concrete joints.

We were tasked to drill & insert 13mm breather pipes into the substrate

We were also contacted by one of our existing clients - a Large Property Management Company in of their buildings had various water ingress locations, The Building Managers had looked in to using powered access and even scaffolding ....both of which were not viable.....
 our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Technicians carried out the works with success with no disruption to the building occupants.....we have since been asked to quote on sealing more elevations as a preventative measure. 


Monday, 27 January 2014

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

Our Specialist Confined Space Team have been working in a number of Silo over the last weekend.

Access into the Silo was made by Rope Access Methods

Our Specialist Team have over 9 years of Confined Space Experience all works are overseen by a Confined Space Supervisor trained to City & Guilds Level 4 (972)

Working in Confined Spaces not only requires appropriate Training but also Knowledge an Understanding of the working conditions.......possessing a Confined Space Training Certificate alone is worthless.....and Companies should not be used without prior Experience & Knowledge.


Friday, 17 January 2014

Rope Access Cladding Safety Survey

Rope Access Cladding Safety Survey

We were tasked to inspect the cladded areas on 3 High Rise Tower Blocks owned by Birmingham City Council ......the cladded areas were situated on top of the Tower Blocks .....these used to be the protection for the clothes drying areas back in the day.

We had been told that a cladding panel measuring 20ft x 4ft had blown off during the storms and that West Midlands Fire Service had been called in over the Xmas period to try and secure the situation.

Our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Team were tasked to survey the cladding on all 3 blocks ......the results were not good ......
The cladding ....both external and internal was attached to intermediate steels ...both vertical and horizontal .....the vertical intermediate steels had severely corroded and failed at roof level thus leaving the only attachment for the cladding ....the horizontal steels and structural verts at each gable and centre
Our findings were passed on to BCC and the decision to remove all cladding on 3 blocks was made
For a Professional Building Inspection Company with 14 years Experience


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rope Access Window Cleaning Coventry

Rope Access Window Cleaning Coventry

Our Specialist Rope Access Window Cleaning Team are carrying out routine window cleaning on a Large 10 Storey Commercial Office Block .......We have been cleaning the windows on this Building for over 8 years.......this is testament to our standards of work - which are second to none and our high regard and implementation of Health & Safety.

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