Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rope Access Leak Detection

Rope Access Leak Detection & Mastic Pointing

We have over 20 Flats that we need to Mastic Point due to Water Ingress

Most of which is mastic insertion to panel joints - We used Dow Corning C60 Low Modulus Silicone which is formulated for use to exterior concrete joints.

We were tasked to drill & insert 13mm breather pipes into the substrate

We were also contacted by one of our existing clients - a Large Property Management Company in Birmingham.....one of their buildings had various water ingress locations, The Building Managers had looked in to using powered access and even scaffolding ....both of which were not viable.....
 our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Technicians carried out the works with success with no disruption to the building occupants.....we have since been asked to quote on sealing more elevations as a preventative measure.