Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

Silo Cleaning using Rope Access Methods

We have just completed another annual clean to a number of silo's for a National Bakery.

We have been cleaning the silo's for a number of years now, we put this down to our high level of Health & Safety  and experience of Working in Confined Spaces  All of our works are overseen by a Confined Space Supervisor certificated to City & Guilds Level 4

Our Specialist Rope Access Team entered the silo to carry out a thorough dust down and removal of excess flour prior to re supply of the new product.

One of the silo's that needed cleaning was already having some maintenance works carried out in the form of a new air filtration system, the existing filter system had been removed and the hole had not been covered up to prevent rain getting in. Rain had got into the silo and had contaminated the layer of flour left inside the silo, over time this created mildew and we were left with no option but to pressure wash the silo to de-contaminate it ready for product re-supply

as you can see in this picture - the mildew is being removed by pressure washing.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

Rope Access Window Cleaning Birmingham

We have had the window cleaning equipment out again over the last month.

At Complete Access we have been delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning for over 14 years on a National Basis.

Our recent tasks have all been in Central Birmingham.....a couple of new contracts and a few contracts that we have had on a long term basis.

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