Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Rope Access Concrete Inspections

Rope Access Concrete Inspections to a Car Park

We were tasked to investigate a multi storey car park to a shopping centre in Stroud..... the brief was to carry out a full defect survey and delamination hammer test.

On top of this defect survey we were tasked to carry out a number of cover, sample, carbonation tests

The job wasn't without its problems ...... pedestrians ....we supplied a full time grounds man to divert pedestrians in the right direction......and being in a car park .....our team had to work around parked cars ..... with our IRATA Level 3   on site ....things went smoothly


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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Water Ingress Prevention using Rope Access Methods Birmingham

Water Ingress Prevention Birmingham

We have been tasked to carry out a large scale mastic insertion to panel joints to a high rise residential block in Birmingham.

Upon carrying out an inspection of the Block, it was plain to see that previous attempts to counteract the water ingress had failed drastically, this could be put down to a number of factors.....wrong type product had been used.....wrong method being carried out or just plain bad workmanship.

We were given the go ahead and submitted Our Risk Assessment and Method Statement
......we were good to go.

Our Specialised Rope Access Team  had prepared to spend quite a lot of time removing the failed mastic to the joints and also prepared the surface of the joint so the new silicone would have a good key.

Our Technicians .....who have carried out hundreds of water ingress prevention works only spent 4 days carrying out surface preparation and the insertion of the silicone..... approximately 360 linear metres of silicone was inserted.

 If Your Building is suffering with water ingress and could utilise Complete Access

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pressure Washing using Rope Access Techniques Birmingham

Rope Access Pressure Washing Birmingham

Our Team have just completed the Pressure Washing to 3 20 storey High Rise Tower Blocks in central Birmingham.

Pressure Washing at this height is a Specialist undertaking .....this is why Complete Access were chosen to undertake the task from Birmingham City Council.

Our task was to remove staining from the central heating overflow pressure valves and a build up of algae.

The results were really impressive even though the staining had been on the building for approx. 5 years.


Monday, 14 September 2015

Building Inspection & Survey

Building Inspection & Survey

Our Specialist Inspection Team have been carrying out concrete investigative works to residential properties in The West Midlands. The works consist of diamond core drilling, surveying using a Hilti Ferro Scanner and cover, sample, carbonation testing.

The works are currently being carried out for a Local Authority who regularly use our services due to our knowledge of carrying out Inspection & Surveys

Surveying using a Hilti Ferro scan

Uploading data from the Ferro Scan

Taking concrete cores for petro test in the Lab
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning 

We have had a lot of Confined Space Cleaning works on over weeks 31 and 32 being the main shutdown weeks for production companies

We were tasked to clean inside various confined spaces that contained different bi products which needed to be disposed of .....removal of the bi product increases production and a higher standard end product.

Our Specialist Confined Space Team had to overcome access difficulties using various skills to gain entry to the confined spaces .....using Rope Access methods and using MEWPs

Cleaning a varnish based product
Difficult Access requires enhanced rescue procedures put in place.
Cleaning inside a process oven
All of our Confined Space works are overseen by a Supervisor trained to City & Guilds level 4 in Confined Spaces 972...........If your Organisation would be interested in any of our Confined Space Services 
then Please don't hesitate to


Friday, 12 June 2015

Building Inspections using Rope Access

High Rise Building Inspections using Rope Access Techniques

Our Specialist Building Inspection Team have been tasked to carry out a full concrete condition survey to a 15 storey residential block in Birmingham.

We were tasked to undertake the following:

Full defect survey of all balconies.
Cover Meter Survey
Carbonation Testing.
Concrete Resistivity Pull Tests
Render Thickness Survey
Removal of loose substrate
Application of flashband to exposed re-bar

Use of a cover meter to determine depth of concrete cover to steel reinforcement bar, spacing of re-bar and size of re-bar.
Taking samples at lowest point of cover
Using phenolphthalein to determine depth of carbonation
Conducting thickness tests
Concrete resistivity pull tests
All of these disciplines have been conducted at height whilst working off ropes, this is very challenging but is all in a working day for our Specialist Team


Monday, 1 June 2015

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

Our Specialist Confined Space Team have just completed an 8 day task cleaning inside hundreds of metres of horizontal and vertical ducting.

Each of the ducts contained different paint bi-products so different approaches had to be made in the way we cleaned inside the ducts, one of the ducts contained a primer dust and is considered a potentially explosive area (Ex) so all of our equipment needed to be intrinsically safe, everything from hand tools to lighting.

Cleaning the vertical sections of the ducting we used Roped Access Techniques to access the areas.

Whilst our Team were in the ducting they used full face respirators with P3 dust particle filters attached to them - whilst working in the Ex areas - air fed respirators were used due to the toxic atmosphere.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Bridge Inspections using Rope Access Techniques

Rope Access Bridge Inspection

We have been tasked to carry out a full detailed defect inspection to a Grade II listed bridge in South Wales.

Our brief was conduct a visual defect survey, take a number of concrete core samples for compressive strength testing, take a number of samples for petro testing and a number of cover, sample, carb tests.

We have been delivering Rope Access Concrete Investigations     for over 15 years on a National Basis.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Rope Access Window Cleaning 

We have been really busy the last few weeks catching up with some of our Rope Access Window Cleaning Contracts

We have been delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning  on a National basis for 15 years ..... some of the window cleaning jobs we have .....we have had for over 10 years ......this is testament to our high standards of work and our positive outlook on Health & Safety

Our Rope Access Technicians are all IRATA trained and our working practices conform to the National Standard for Rope Access BS ISO 22846.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rope Access Building Inspection Birmingham

Rope Access Building Inspection & Defect Survey

We have completed a month long Building Defect Survey that has incorporated remedial mastic repairs to counteract water ingress and safety meshing to make safe falling debris.

The Task incorporated the works to 2 large buildings on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

We deployed our Rope Access Team      who have a wealth of knowledge in inspection works and reporting.

Works have been concluded on time and well within budget .......timing being the main concern.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Confined Space Silo Cleaning

Confined Space Silo Cleaning using Rope Access

We were contacted by one o our long term clients to carry out some unsociable hours cleaning to a number of silo.

Risk & Method Statement were agreed along with a Safe System Of Work.

The work brief entailed entering the silo via the access hatch at the top, abseiling down the inside and de-contaminating the roof and walls and cone of the silo.

Due to the cones being fixed at the base of the silo.....and only a small hole for the excess product to be extracted from, we had to use a rescue winch which was attached to the entrant in case a rescue was warranted......we regularly practice mock rescues using this system.

Prior to entry a Peak Atmospheric reading is taken by lowering a 4 gas air monitor into the silo, once the readings are satisfactory then entry can be undertaken, our entrants all wear 4 gas air monitors whilst working in  Confined Space conditions  ......recording readings from the 4 gas air monitors every 5 minutes, these reading should be kept on file and handed over to the next company that carries out works in the confined space.
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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rope Access Building Defect Survey Birmingham

Rope Access Building Defect Survey Birmingham

We have won a contract to deliver Building Defect Survey to two large buildings at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham........

The brief entailed completing a full defect survey of the Building, remedial works to contain water ingress and installation of steel mesh to elevations that had displaced coursework.

Our Team have completed one of the Buildings and we are moving over to the next Building this week.

We have been delivering Rope Access Building Inspections & Surveys  for a number of Local Authorities & Consulting Companies for 15 years .....if your Organisation requires our services please don't hesitate to Contact Us


Friday, 30 January 2015

Rope Access Building Inspection and Surveys

Rope Access Building Inspection and Surveys

Our Team have been really busy during the winter period carrying out a huge amount of
water ingress surveys  and remedial works to stop the ingress.

Our latest water ingress problem was on a high rise tower block, water had been ingressing for some time even after remedial works had been carried out to try to prevent it......we were tasked to seal any and all joints to the roof of where the potential ingress could be coming from.

We applied bitumen paint and flash band to the joints in the roof and heat sealed this in place

We have also started another Rope Access Building Defect Survey Contract   for a Local Council in The West Midlands - we have been tasked to inspect 28 high rise tower blocks and log and record defects to the building structure.

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