Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rope Access Building Inspection Birmingham

Rope Access Building Inspection & Defect Survey

We have completed a month long Building Defect Survey that has incorporated remedial mastic repairs to counteract water ingress and safety meshing to make safe falling debris.

The Task incorporated the works to 2 large buildings on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

We deployed our Rope Access Team      who have a wealth of knowledge in inspection works and reporting.

Works have been concluded on time and well within budget .......timing being the main concern.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Confined Space Silo Cleaning

Confined Space Silo Cleaning using Rope Access

We were contacted by one o our long term clients to carry out some unsociable hours cleaning to a number of silo.

Risk & Method Statement were agreed along with a Safe System Of Work.

The work brief entailed entering the silo via the access hatch at the top, abseiling down the inside and de-contaminating the roof and walls and cone of the silo.

Due to the cones being fixed at the base of the silo.....and only a small hole for the excess product to be extracted from, we had to use a rescue winch which was attached to the entrant in case a rescue was warranted......we regularly practice mock rescues using this system.

Prior to entry a Peak Atmospheric reading is taken by lowering a 4 gas air monitor into the silo, once the readings are satisfactory then entry can be undertaken, our entrants all wear 4 gas air monitors whilst working in  Confined Space conditions  ......recording readings from the 4 gas air monitors every 5 minutes, these reading should be kept on file and handed over to the next company that carries out works in the confined space.
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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rope Access Building Defect Survey Birmingham

Rope Access Building Defect Survey Birmingham

We have won a contract to deliver Building Defect Survey to two large buildings at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham........

The brief entailed completing a full defect survey of the Building, remedial works to contain water ingress and installation of steel mesh to elevations that had displaced coursework.

Our Team have completed one of the Buildings and we are moving over to the next Building this week.

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