Friday, 12 June 2015

Building Inspections using Rope Access

High Rise Building Inspections using Rope Access Techniques

Our Specialist Building Inspection Team have been tasked to carry out a full concrete condition survey to a 15 storey residential block in Birmingham.

We were tasked to undertake the following:

Full defect survey of all balconies.
Cover Meter Survey
Carbonation Testing.
Concrete Resistivity Pull Tests
Render Thickness Survey
Removal of loose substrate
Application of flashband to exposed re-bar

Use of a cover meter to determine depth of concrete cover to steel reinforcement bar, spacing of re-bar and size of re-bar.
Taking samples at lowest point of cover
Using phenolphthalein to determine depth of carbonation
Conducting thickness tests
Concrete resistivity pull tests
All of these disciplines have been conducted at height whilst working off ropes, this is very challenging but is all in a working day for our Specialist Team


Monday, 1 June 2015

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

Our Specialist Confined Space Team have just completed an 8 day task cleaning inside hundreds of metres of horizontal and vertical ducting.

Each of the ducts contained different paint bi-products so different approaches had to be made in the way we cleaned inside the ducts, one of the ducts contained a primer dust and is considered a potentially explosive area (Ex) so all of our equipment needed to be intrinsically safe, everything from hand tools to lighting.

Cleaning the vertical sections of the ducting we used Roped Access Techniques to access the areas.

Whilst our Team were in the ducting they used full face respirators with P3 dust particle filters attached to them - whilst working in the Ex areas - air fed respirators were used due to the toxic atmosphere.

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