Friday, 30 June 2017

Drainage Replacement using Rope Access Methods

Cast Iron Drainage Replacement Rope Access Birmingham

We are halfway through a contract for E Manton Construction at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
The brief was to remove 100's of metres of old cast iron soil pipes and replace with new cast soil pipes..... due to the location of the soil pipes .... it was either scaffold the building or use the more cost effective method of Rope Access

We have had to use innovative hauling systems to get both horizontal and vertical old pipes down and new pipes in before fixing.

We have now completed installation of one elevation to The QE - horizontal and vertical cast soil pipes have been installed - we still have another ground to roof cast stack to install, two Vulcathene pipes to install and more old cast pipes to remove.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Building Inspection using Rope Access Methods

Building Inspection using Rope Access Methods

We have recently completed a two week Building Inspection to one of Leicester Universities blocks.

We were tasked to carry out a detailed  Defect Survey and also carry out a substantial number of Concrete Samples and Carbonation Tests.

The Job was not with out its problems right from the start..... the access was difficult and very time consuming ..... Our Rope Access Technicians ....Both IRATA Level 3's had to ascend the ropes at every location and accumulating over climbing 1km each in total.

Our IRATA Building Surveyors prior to taking concrete samples and carbonation tests..... had to use electromagnetic cover meter testing, which estimates the position, depth, and size of reinforcement buried in concrete. Testing can be carried out in accordance with the recommendations found in BS1881-204:1988.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Building Safety Surveys using Rope Access

Building Safety Surveys using Rope Access

We have inspected over 50 high rise buildings so far this year and this week we return to 4 tower blocks that are classed as High Priority due to the amount of previous  spalled concrete.

With Winter conditions now upon us, re-inspection was imperative, with the possibility of water entering cracks in the concrete and freezing and creating spalling.

Our Rope Access Surveyors   have been removing large amounts of potentially dangerous spalled concrete, once the spalled concrete has been removed, a protective coating is applied to the exposed areas.

All of our Rope Access tasks are overseen by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor with over 6 years experience in Building Inspection and Surveys using Rope Access Methods

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rope Access Building Inspections

Rope Access Building Inspections

We are well underway with a new contract to deliver a multitude of services ..... all under the heading of Building Inspections

We have recently completed a full survey to the concrete structure to a building due for refurbishment on Oxford University Brookes Campus.

 Cover meter Survey 

Site determinations of concrete cover to reinforcement were made using an Elcometer 331 covermeter, in accordance with British Standard  1881:  Part 204: 1988. The particular model of covermeter employed is designed to locate steel within 100mm of the concrete surface. Minimum concrete cover to primary and secondary reinforcement was determined at specific parapet beam locations. Readings were verified  by  the removal of sections of concrete to allow for the reinforcement cover  to be physically measured.

Carbonation Survey 

Depth of carbonation was determined using phenolphthalein indicator in accordance, with BS EN 14630: 2006. The mean and maximum depth of the carbonation was measured to an accuracy of 1mm, using a depth gauge.
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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Complete Access Rope Access Building Safety Inspection Works

Rope Access Building Safety Inpection Works

We have on going safety works at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, the works consist of water ingress solutions to hundreds of metres of displaced coursework and to fix galvanised steel mesh over the cracks to prevent any spalling.

The galvanised steel mesh was wrapped around the cracks and fixed into the coursework using expansion bolts and square plate washers at various one metre intervals.

All of the works were overseen by Our IRATA Level 3   ..... we have previously carried out over 5 weeks of Inspections and Safety works at the QEH and the works are on going.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Rope Access Concrete Inspections

Rope Access Concrete Inspections to a Car Park

We were tasked to investigate a multi storey car park to a shopping centre in Stroud..... the brief was to carry out a full defect survey and delamination hammer test.

On top of this defect survey we were tasked to carry out a number of cover, sample, carbonation tests

The job wasn't without its problems ...... pedestrians ....we supplied a full time grounds man to divert pedestrians in the right direction......and being in a car park .....our team had to work around parked cars ..... with our IRATA Level 3   on site ....things went smoothly


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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Water Ingress Prevention using Rope Access Methods Birmingham

Water Ingress Prevention Birmingham

We have been tasked to carry out a large scale mastic insertion to panel joints to a high rise residential block in Birmingham.

Upon carrying out an inspection of the Block, it was plain to see that previous attempts to counteract the water ingress had failed drastically, this could be put down to a number of factors.....wrong type product had been used.....wrong method being carried out or just plain bad workmanship.

We were given the go ahead and submitted Our Risk Assessment and Method Statement
......we were good to go.

Our Specialised Rope Access Team  had prepared to spend quite a lot of time removing the failed mastic to the joints and also prepared the surface of the joint so the new silicone would have a good key.

Our Technicians .....who have carried out hundreds of water ingress prevention works only spent 4 days carrying out surface preparation and the insertion of the silicone..... approximately 360 linear metres of silicone was inserted.

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