Saturday, 4 June 2011

Complete Access - Confined Space Cleaning

The Task: Clean internal build up of paint product to internal ducting -consisting of two primers and two basecoat residues.

Prior to entry .... we tested tested the air quality using a draeger gas monitor....the quality results were.....
LEL's  0% ....CO2 - 0% ......H2S - 0% ......O2 - 20.9%

Our technicians used air fed respirators whilst inside the ducting due to the nature of the product inside the ducting.
All ducting  we entered are listed as Ex areas zone 2....all illumination inside the ducting is ATEX rated  to zones 1,2 & 3 and to dust zones IP20,21 & 22.

Our technicians are all highly trained in entry, egress and rescue in confined space works, all of our methods conform strictly to the confined space regulations 1995

If your organisation requires confined space cleanining to ducting, silo's or tanks......please dont hesitate to contact us -