Sunday, 30 September 2012

Telecommunications Installations using Rope Access & Mast Climbing

Telecommunication Installations using Rope Access Techniques

We provide specialist Technicians to install a vast array of telecommunication equipment to both masts and rooftops.

Our Technicians are all trained to the following:
  • IRATA levels 1,2 & 3 working to BS7985 - The British Standard.
  • Advanced Climber - for working on lattice structures using both protected access ways, platforms and on unprotected areas.
  • Roofop Safety & Access - for working safely on protected and unprotected areas.
We can also provide detailed Site Surveys, delivering the following:
  • 360 degree panoramic photographs at heights of 0 – 80 feet.
  • We have 2 masts for this purpose both mounted on hydraulic trailers; one 15 metre and the other is a 22 metre.
  • 360 degree radio propagation trials and surveys; essentially scanning the spectrum.
  • Cellular and Digital Radio surveys.
  • Forensic Surveys at heights.
  • Line of Sight [LoS] surveys for Point to Point [P2P] microwave and Point to Multi-Point [P2MP] sectorised and Omni-directional.
  • Internal distribution of data cabling inside of roof spaces.
  • Cable trays installed to roof tops, building elevations.
  • Our fleet of Landrovers allow us to reach the most secluded of sites.

If your Organisation requires any of our services please dont hesitate to contact us via our website