Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Rope Access Cladding

Rope Access Cladding

We have really been inundated with work lately ..... we have been installing new cladding facias on behalf of Interserve @ Good Hope Hospital and cleaning cladding to IKEA Coventry which has the footprint of 10 football pitches and is 7 storeys high......we have the contract to clean the cladding twice yearly and have been doing so for the last 2 years.

We were approached from Interserve as one of their approved suppliers to replace cladding flashing as the existing installation was ingressing water, we were intructed to remove the existing flashing....fill the void to the recess with mastic and re-attatch new flashing with mastic strips and screw fixing .

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Confined Space Culvert - Concrete Inspection & Defect Survey

Confined Space Culvert - Concrete Inspection & Defect Survey

We deployed our specialist Confined Space Team on behalf of Bham City Council to deliver concrete inspections to assess the integrety to one of many culverts that run under the proposed expansion of the  A453 just outside Nottingham.

The culvert is 92 metres in length and had multiple ventilation openings but for our purposes, only two entries / exits were an option..... so we decided to split each day into access / egress to half the culvert each day.

The task entailed provision of a defect survey, concrete inspection & break out, inspection on condition of re bar after break out.

All of our works were overseen by a  City & Guilds Level 4 Confined Space Supervisor
....overseeing works to  NC2 NC3 NC4 Medium to High Risk entrants



Friday, 5 April 2013

Confined Space Silo Cleaning & Inspection

Confined Space Silo Cleaning & Inspection

We have completed today the annual clean and inspection to a number of silo's for a National Bakeries Company.

We deployed 3 of our specialist Confined Space / Rope Access team to carry out the works ... all works were overseen by our Confined Space Supervisor who is trained & certificated to City & Guilds Level 4.

Prior to works commencing a number of statutory obligations had to be fulfilled.

A SSOW Safe System of Work was put in place .... this included supplying the Client with  site specific Risk & Method Statements.

A PTW Permit to Work was completed by our Supervisor and the Client.

A LOTO Lock Out Tag Out system was put in place on all associated electrical / mechanical plant.

An initial atmospheric reading was taken using a 4 gas air monitor, this PEAK reading was logged on the PTW and the Gas Reading Log.

Once the above obligations were satisfied, our technicians proceeded to carry out the cleaning & inspections.

Cleaning consisted of removal of  build up of flour to walls and roof of silos..... the Inspections consisted of providing a written & photographic report on any signs of infestation, condition of explosion blast covers and filtration system.

Cleaning & Inspections to food storage silos must be carried out on an annual basis.

On completion of the works.... the PTW was signed off and the LOTO was restored.

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