Friday, 17 January 2014

Rope Access Cladding Safety Survey

Rope Access Cladding Safety Survey

We were tasked to inspect the cladded areas on 3 High Rise Tower Blocks owned by Birmingham City Council ......the cladded areas were situated on top of the Tower Blocks .....these used to be the protection for the clothes drying areas back in the day.

We had been told that a cladding panel measuring 20ft x 4ft had blown off during the storms and that West Midlands Fire Service had been called in over the Xmas period to try and secure the situation.

Our Specialist Rope Access Building Inspection Team were tasked to survey the cladding on all 3 blocks ......the results were not good ......
The cladding ....both external and internal was attached to intermediate steels ...both vertical and horizontal .....the vertical intermediate steels had severely corroded and failed at roof level thus leaving the only attachment for the cladding ....the horizontal steels and structural verts at each gable and centre
Our findings were passed on to BCC and the decision to remove all cladding on 3 blocks was made
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