Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rope Access Building Inspections

Rope Access Building Inspections

We are well underway with a new contract to deliver a multitude of services ..... all under the heading of Building Inspections

We have recently completed a full survey to the concrete structure to a building due for refurbishment on Oxford University Brookes Campus.

 Cover meter Survey 

Site determinations of concrete cover to reinforcement were made using an Elcometer 331 covermeter, in accordance with British Standard  1881:  Part 204: 1988. The particular model of covermeter employed is designed to locate steel within 100mm of the concrete surface. Minimum concrete cover to primary and secondary reinforcement was determined at specific parapet beam locations. Readings were verified  by  the removal of sections of concrete to allow for the reinforcement cover  to be physically measured.

Carbonation Survey 

Depth of carbonation was determined using phenolphthalein indicator in accordance, with BS EN 14630: 2006. The mean and maximum depth of the carbonation was measured to an accuracy of 1mm, using a depth gauge.
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