Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Building Inspection using Rope Access Methods

Building Inspection using Rope Access Methods

We have recently completed a two week Building Inspection to one of Leicester Universities blocks.

We were tasked to carry out a detailed  Defect Survey and also carry out a substantial number of Concrete Samples and Carbonation Tests.

The Job was not with out its problems right from the start..... the access was difficult and very time consuming ..... Our Rope Access Technicians ....Both IRATA Level 3's had to ascend the ropes at every location and accumulating over climbing 1km each in total.

Our IRATA Building Surveyors prior to taking concrete samples and carbonation tests..... had to use electromagnetic cover meter testing, which estimates the position, depth, and size of reinforcement buried in concrete. Testing can be carried out in accordance with the recommendations found in BS1881-204:1988.

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